The Mexican American
Studies Toolkit
Vote to make this the first textbook adopted for Mexican Amerian Studies state-wide.


The Time is Now
You can make a difference in your community right now in several ways. Start local. Tell your children's teachers about THE MEXICAN AMERICAN STUDIES TOOLKIT. Talk to them about transforming the class room through cultural knowledged. Then go big. Call your Texas State Board of Education Representative. Below, you will find out how to reahc them. If we call get active, we can also address every issue and every stop between the class room and the State Board. Let's unite for the best education for our youth. 
Talk to a friend.  Your relatives and neighbors will not hear about this textbook unless you tel them. Get invovled. You can make a difference.
Talk to a teacher.  They might not know this textbook exists or that they can use it right now. 
Talk to your Texas State Board of Education Representative. This is the perfect time for you to find out who your TX SBOE rep is and for them to find out who you are.
  1. Who is your SBOE rep?
    If you live in Texas, there are 2 ways to find out who your Texas State Board of Education Representative is. 1. Click the icon or google "Who represents me?" Type in your address and follow the links. 2. Or call the TX SBOE (512) 463-9007.
  2. Power of The MAS Toolkit
    The textbook The Mexican American Studies Toolkit was designed using material that works in the class room, is intellectually sound, meets all state requirements, and is culturally relevant. Click to view a watermarked PDF of the textbook.
  3. Call Your TX SBOE Rep.
    Call your Texas State Board of Representative and say, "My name is _____. I live in your district, and I am calling to ask you to vote to adopt the Mexican American Studies Toolkit for adoption in Texas schools." Click here for more talking points about the book.
  4. Tell Others
    Only you can inspire your family members, your neighbors, your school administrators who might not have heard about The Mexican American Studies Toolkit. Even if they have heard about it, they might now realize what role they can play in getting the textbook into classrooms. Tell them. Your enthusiasm will set an example for others.
  5. Testify in Austin
    Call (512) 463-9007 to register to testify. Call between Fri, September 8, & Mon September 11, 8 am - 5pm. Click here for more info. and updates. Testify in person: Tues Sept. 12 - Thurs. Sept. 15 at the William B. Travis (WBT) State Office Building 1701 North Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701.
  6. Tell Your School
    The Texas State Board of Education formally votes on THE MEXICAN AMERICAN STUDIES TOOLKIT Nov. 7 - 10, 2017; however, schools can implement THE MAS TOOLKIT right now. Let them know. You can make a difference. Click to order the textbook:
Who Reps Me?