The Mexican American
Studies Toolkit
Vote to make this the first textbook adopted for Mexican Amerian Studies state-wide.
Here is an overview of the table of contents for THE MEXICAN AMERICAN STUDIES TOOLKIT. Vist the rest of the website to find out more about how the textbook came to be, how to use it in clas, and how to make sure that it winds up Texas high school classrooms. 
Unit 1 Indigenous Roots
Unit 2 Indentity
Unit 3 Lost Histories
Unit 4 The Struggle for Ethnic Studies
Unit 5 Immigration
Unit 6 Tell Your Story
Unit 7 Only Art Can Save Us: Maps to the Souls of Mexican Americans
  1. Chapter 1 Indigenous Roots
  2. Unit 2 Identity
  3. Praesent gravida rutrum justo
  4. Unit 4 The Struggle for Ethnic Studies. Photo Credit Liana Lopez
  5. Unit 5 Immigration
  6. Unit 6 Tell Your Story. (Photo Credit Liana Lopez)
  7. Unit 7 - Only Art Can Save Us: Maps to the Soul of Mexican Americans