The Mexican American
Studies Toolkit
Vote to make this the first textbook adopted for Mexican Amerian Studies state-wide.

Teacher Kit

TThis page is designed for teachers. Here you will find lesson plans that can be used in class the same day. We also are adding Unit Plans as well as entire curriculums. If you have any ideas or questions, email [email protected], Teachers may also join our email list just for teachers. 

1 Day

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  1. Mexican American Studies Are Path to Success
    The first day of my Mexican-American Literature course, I give my students a quiz to test their knowledge of Latino success stories. They're asked to name, among others, Latino authors, Chicano-themed films and Tejanos with PhDs. Click here to read more.
  2. How To Work the Textbook
    Coming soon: strategies to implement THE MEXICAN AMERICAN STUDIES TOOLKIT for Hispanic Heritage Month Click here to find find out about workshops in your town.
  3. Social Media Components
    We will be tweeting and posting information for teachers, students, writes, and researchers. Make sure to follow us, share us, and message us back.
  4. 1 Week Plan of Attack
    If your school has already adopted THE MEXICAN AMERICAN STUDIES TOOLKIT, we'll send you a first week approach to introducing the book the your students. This includes assignments, assessments, and thrilling academic supplements that will be a pleasure to teach.
  5. 4 Week Plan
    If your school has already adopted THE MEXICAN AMERICAN STUDIES TOOLKIT, we'll send you a 4-week plan of instruction with supplemental exercise incorporating social media. We also emphasize different ways to incorporate civic engagement.
  6. Hispanic Heritage Month Already
    One major complication about Hispanic Heritage Month is that it takes place right as school resumes. That means you either have plan ahead, as in the week after school breaks for summer before everyone scatters, of you have to scramble at the beginning of the school here. We're here to make the scramble less hectic. Even if your school has not yet adopted THE MAS TOOLKIT, we'll provide info to help you celebrate.